Now that you have your bundles what’s next?

1. Co-wash your bundles. Use sulfate/paraben free shampoo and conditioner Ex. Hawaiian silky, OGX
2. Make sure bundles are completely dry before install. For drying if you have curly or wavy bundles let air dry to maintain curl or wavy pattern. This will take approximately 2 days to completely dry. For straight hair you can blow dry or air dry.
3. Seal your wefts to maintain longevity. It is important to use weft sealer in case your hair stylist cut your wefts. Please be aware that the bundles should be install without cutting wefts. Frequent cutting of weft without sealing can result in shedding.
4. Use alcohol free products to curl or maintain hair. Use light oil such as Argan oil or BioSilk silk Therapy oil. Use of alcohol and heavy oils can lead to frizzy hair. If this happens simply wash your hair.
5. Maintain a healthy look. Take care of your extensions just like you take care of your own hair. Extensions should be washed weekly using in shower method. Air dry or sit under dryer with low heat setting. Hair has a natural sheen not much product is needed.

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